Monday, 4 January 2010

Target Audience

Since Our band is a new upcoming band on to the Market, its important that we chose the right type of audience so our bands success will take off. So our video is aimed at young teenagers and young couples, we believe this way the audience will get the whole concept of our video and maybe put themselves in the bands position also our advertising merchandise's will be placed in specific places
Where our target audience will most be or looking for example Face book and teen music magazines. It is essential for us to know our audiences likes and dislikes otherwise our band wont sell on the market and wouldnt be promoted in the right way.

Action Plan week 1

Most of our Music video is going to be re-shot this week, has i mentioned that our shots were too dark and you couldn't see the band clear. We are planning to get it all done by this week so we have the last two weeks to edit. we have also has a last minute change of our cast, we have changed our main girl band singer because it was difficult to get the band together at specific times, we thought by doing this would be easier and make things run more smoothly.

Saturday, 2 January 2010

Music Video Promotions

HIP video promotion has become the country's leader in music video promotion, it has become more huge than it has ever been, to make a single successful it must be accompanied by a great music video that will cause a lot of interest, music videos have become a huge part of any marketing plan. After all the effort and money that is spent whilst trying to make a great music video, the main thing that is important is making it appealing it to the public, trying to peurswade them into watching the music video and hopefully purchase the song that will be released on single.


We have chosen to use a bedroom, to give the idea of a new band, just living an everyday life, during band practice, which is mostly created whilst being in a bedroom we thought this would intercept well with our band, as we want to successfully give the effect over that they are a new band, and are just creating their video from normal experience, no successful experience, we want it to be more unprofessional than professional, as we want the video to connect well with our band and create a sense of difference compared to other music videos. This makes our band unique and stands out from the rest. It would also help to connect with our audience more because their are many unsigned bands out there waiting for their big break and our band shows that anyone can make it that far. This makes a positive effect on youth culture because our band gets them to be inspired and to go and make something out of themselves, you don't need to really depend on having top notch things to be successful.