Wednesday, 21 October 2009

Columbia Records ( Independant Label )

Columbia Records is an independant American record label. Columbia Records was founded in 1888 Steve Barnett and Rick Rubin are the main co-heads of columbia records. Columbia records was one of the first to produce pre-recorded records by any genre of singers, musicians and groups. From 1961 to 1990 most of its records was distributed outside of the USA and Canada on the CBS records name before adopting the Columbia name in most of the world. Columbia records had no connection to Columbia pictures until 1989 they often used other record labels that they owned, Sony is also part of Columbia pictures.

Columbia was originally owned by Edward Easton in Washington D.C. It gets its name from District of Columbia which was its main headquarters building. Columbia diustributed commercial cylinders recordings of its own, and therfore only sold recordings of its own manufacture. Columbia started selling Disc records in 1901, which was produced by their Toy Graphophone which was only small cut version copies. During this early period Columbia thought of using Magical nothes for their logo, where this would never be changed. In 1912 Columbia only focused on distributing disc records.

Present-day Columbia Records
Columbia records has become a music label for pop, Rck and soul genre Artists . Columbia records was sold off to CBS master records now ( SONY classical ). With the clash of Sony, Columbia was unsure what logo to use, so they signed off records with no label just Colubia printed on it. Nowadays they use the Walking Eye logo for their records. Columbia records is now signed with Epic records.

Michel Gondry ( Music Director )

Michel Gondry is a french director that does work for Music vidoes and Feature films. Michel Gondry is most famous for his wide imagery and storytelling teqniques. His films are more based on fantasy than reality. Which includes cartoon styled videos and motion picture films. He was a young artist that would often teach others in his class how to draw naked women. His Music video carrer kicked off when he met a pop star called Bork, who used Gondry for his video. The video became very popular and Bork used him for five more making Gondry even more famous.
Michel Gondry has also done commercials and finally launched his first feature film in 2001. Later on Gondry won an amount of awards, including the 2005 acamdemy award for best
original screen play.
Some of Michel Gondry's work includes his own original hand drawn images. He has a obbsession for fantasy type films and music videos, and often makes his own visual representation of fantasy chararcters.

Mood Board

This is a mood board for our group called, Fudge. On the mood board has all of our ideas that we done. It involves visual pictures and our storyline to give our audience clues about our Music Video. This is most of our ideas that we have come up with so far. Has a group it took us awhile to think of ideas that we all liked., so creating this has helped us alot. We are mainly looking at things for our inspiration. Were looking for a factory girl sort of style at the time being., Also the song is about young love so we also thought of small editing ideas, Maybe having a part of the video that looks like a flashback in the past.

The Inspiration

For our inspiration we are using Factory Girl. We are looking for this type of style for our leading girl. Style, crops and to the way she acts in the video. We chose this because it has a indie sort of style to it, and we believe it will fit in to our video idea.

Thursday, 15 October 2009

Creation Of Music Act

Brief: My project in media is that we have two tasks to complete. One of our first tasks is to create a music video for an artist of our imagination we have to promote a band on the market, and our band must sell to a certain type of target audience. We also have to create a magazine and CD cover for our band. We have to use an existing piece of music for the Music video, so I'm looking to do planning and research throughout my process and documenting our every stage.

In our Music video we will be planning the layout from setting, costumes and shots will be from our own original ideas and planning. We aim to make our video has unique has possible and also look professional. We have to think of many creative ideas that hasn't been used before to create our Music video.

Name of Band : Fudge is a name that we chose because its meant to mean the grades they came out of school with at A level. The band will include four members, Three male singers and one female singer.

Background: The band is made up of a group of friends that had been through school together and have known each other for a few years. They noticed their love for Music and created a bond with it. They started small, playing in small venues in their hometown and small bars and clubs but never had their big break. They have finally got noticed by a record label, who noticed their popularity through my space, Twitter and other social networking sites. They looking to release their first ever single.

Ideologies: All of the band have a special connection through music and they feel that music can bring them closer together and make their bond stronger. They believe music is way of expressing yourself. The band has also participated in charity work and community events, eg. battle of the bands.

Fudge is a small Indie band of a group of friends. They are all from different parts of England but got brought together through school, they also know each other quite well. Their dress sense is unique skinny jeans and they like bright colours and cheque shirts that make them stand out from any other band. Their aim is to be different not just with style but with music and lyrics. They only want to produce music using their musical instruments from Guitar to keyboards. They don't want to rely on backup, so they sound better when performing live.

Record label: We ave decided to sign our band to Domino Records co.