Monday, 30 November 2009

Digi Packs

We have also got to create a digi pack for our band. So this means creaing an aulbum cover and back and placing all the right conventions needed for aulbum Art work. Also institutional information...
  1. Price

  2. Barcode

  3. Record Label

  4. Year of publishing

  5. Copyright

  6. Composers/ Producers

  7. Reference Number

  8. Band members

  9. Guest Performers

The purpose of an aulbum cover is to advertise its contents also the Artist. Using artistic designs and ideas to catch the audences eyes more if it was sitting on a shelf in a Music Store. Its good for it to be intresting and unique so it stands out more. Also, in the case of all types of records, it also serves as part of the protective sleeve.

Filming schedule

So far me and my group are supposed to be filmng, but due to weather conditions that is not possible. Our main idea of the video is set outside, where its supposed to be light, sunny and filled with rainbows bcause the charactes are in love with each other, but i doubt this will be happening since we are in Winter. Some of our scenes are to be filmed in school, but we have to work around the time of our cast, and what would be suitable for them. We may have to change our idea slightly and probly the idea of or storyboards too.

Monday, 9 November 2009

Bowling For soup

The band is originally from Wichita Falls in texas. The bands name was from a comedy act by Steve Martin. Bowling For soup is a punk/rock band but most of their music fits into our genre for or music video.

Current members

Jaret Reddick — lead vocals, rhythm guitar
Erik Chandler — bass, vocals
Chris Burney — lead guitar, vocals
Gary Wiseman — drums (1998–present)

These are songs that the band has relased over the years.

Thursday, 5 November 2009


So far we are concentrating on working on our Animatic for our music video. At the moment we need to include our music on to it and combine our storyboard with it. The animatic should be on here by the end of this week. Were hoping for our animatic to go in Sync with our main song for our music video. So for every time the tempo or beat changes the shot will change on our video. Were looking at research and ideas for our video at the moment, and researching into existing bands like the Arctic Monkeys and Kings of Leon because they sing at a similar genre to the Mystery jets. We only have a few ideas for special effects and one of our main ideas was to use an hand held camera so it looks shaky and homemade. I'm going to research onto what films or videos that use that type of effect.

Cloverfeild Trailer.

I found this movie which wasn't released not that long ago. Cloverfeid is completely made from a handheld camera effect. It looks from the persons point of view and sight, so were looking for this type of effect in our music video. Cloverfeild was released in 2008 and is an American monster movie. The whole Plot of Cloverfeild is that it is an American monster movie. Their is a attack on New York city when a group of small friends are celebrating a leaving party. On the night of the party everything starts to go wrong, and they see suspicious things happening outside their window, whilst people are running and screaming. One of the friends decided to record it for evidence for the future for if they didn't make it through. The whole idea of the film is for it to look like it was recovered from a digital camcorder months after the event, and was found in that area. The entire movie were performed by effects studios Double negative and Tippett Studio.