Tuesday, 30 March 2010

New And improved Band Poster

Photography work

So I been taking a few photographs that i may use in my poster or Cd cover and so far I am experimenting with different effects and techniques in Photoshop.
I kind of like this effect on the left, and i thought it would link in quite well since the band is just starting and wont have much money to have anything to professional done, so i thought by keeping it as simple as possible would be able to prove this. Also the band is young and just left school so they still would be very creative and childlike to how they want there Advertising poster or Cd cover.


So i have just been told that i now have to create a six panel Cd disc album instead of four a one. Great so i might aswell start again and the Deadline is Thursday, going to try and get as much as i can done then. So im going to start by taking all new photos since the hands photo i done in the beginning is not going to be allowed to submit as my own piece because the orginal Mystery Jets have done that in a different way.

Tuesday, 9 March 2010

Cd Promotion Poster

I Used a simple layout and design for my Band Poster, promoting their new Album release.

Band Cd Design

Tuesday, 9 February 2010

This is going to be our bands first release album and This is the Back of the Cd cover for my band. Since our band F.U.D.G.E have not got much money between them to spend on graphics for the CD cover design, this is why i done most things originally hand drawn or written. Since its supposed to look like a school notepad and hand written by students with bad grades, i done small mistakes on the song titles, which is only eight songs plus a bonus track because this is there first release album in the UK.
This my bands logo for F.U.D.G.E. i use the school theme of the notepad and school writting pen. This connects to their past and how they met before the band was created, The logo shows that they were brought together by school and the band name represents their GCSE grades they finished with. I used the simple idea of school resources like newspaper letters and black and white.
For my Cd advertisement Poster, i was thinking about doing something simple but effective at the same time. I found this image and I like how this magazine poster for 50 cents album has been done. I am going to do the same layout and conventions for my band F.U.D.G.E. the bottom part of the poster im going to increase the text size of the date for the Cd so it stands out to my audience. I like how the artists face covers the entire poster so the audience is aware of what the artist looks like, but instead mine is going to be a entire band so its something i have to think about the layout. The main members of my band would have the most preview the boy and the girl, because the song they are releasing is about Young Love.

Monday, 8 February 2010

This is the Single Cd cover for the Mystery Jets, Young Love the song that me and my group are doing. I like the use of hands for the main image and im thinking about doing my own version for the Cd or Poster. we orginally was going to use hands in the video but this idea didn't happen in the end, so their is still a chance that i can still use this idea on my own.

Digi Packs

DigiPacks include CD and Dvd covers plus a poster. So far i have been researchng for ideas and possible graphics can use for my Dig Packs. I mainley want to use my own images for copyright reasons so im going to do this has much as possible.
I like this idea for font on my covers, maybe the use of newspaper print and different colour text for individual words. Since my band is quite young i want the Cd cover represent them as youth. Also since my band were brought together by music and a school they all went to, im going to do the song titles hand written on to a notebook using pencil and art dawings, so it all connects to their past how they met.

Monday, 4 January 2010

Target Audience

Since Our band is a new upcoming band on to the Market, its important that we chose the right type of audience so our bands success will take off. So our video is aimed at young teenagers and young couples, we believe this way the audience will get the whole concept of our video and maybe put themselves in the bands position also our advertising merchandise's will be placed in specific places
Where our target audience will most be or looking for example Face book and teen music magazines. It is essential for us to know our audiences likes and dislikes otherwise our band wont sell on the market and wouldnt be promoted in the right way.

Action Plan week 1

Most of our Music video is going to be re-shot this week, has i mentioned that our shots were too dark and you couldn't see the band clear. We are planning to get it all done by this week so we have the last two weeks to edit. we have also has a last minute change of our cast, we have changed our main girl band singer because it was difficult to get the band together at specific times, we thought by doing this would be easier and make things run more smoothly.

Saturday, 2 January 2010

Music Video Promotions

HIP video promotion has become the country's leader in music video promotion, it has become more huge than it has ever been, to make a single successful it must be accompanied by a great music video that will cause a lot of interest, music videos have become a huge part of any marketing plan. After all the effort and money that is spent whilst trying to make a great music video, the main thing that is important is making it appealing it to the public, trying to peurswade them into watching the music video and hopefully purchase the song that will be released on single.


We have chosen to use a bedroom, to give the idea of a new band, just living an everyday life, during band practice, which is mostly created whilst being in a bedroom we thought this would intercept well with our band, as we want to successfully give the effect over that they are a new band, and are just creating their video from normal experience, no successful experience, we want it to be more unprofessional than professional, as we want the video to connect well with our band and create a sense of difference compared to other music videos. This makes our band unique and stands out from the rest. It would also help to connect with our audience more because their are many unsigned bands out there waiting for their big break and our band shows that anyone can make it that far. This makes a positive effect on youth culture because our band gets them to be inspired and to go and make something out of themselves, you don't need to really depend on having top notch things to be successful.