Thursday, 17 December 2009

Band Screen Shots

To be Continued...

Our Cast Choice

For our cast we needed 3 boys and one girl and this is now arranged, we have Gemma for the girl, Harry, Jack and David. Ruby organsied the cast as she knew of people who are in a band and each have their own instruments. our cast has come along nicely and is running pretty smoothly. This was important to find people that connected because our band story was about a group of friends who saw their interests in music. It would of been easy to tell on camera if they all looked very out of place and shy around each other, this would not of been good for our music video. It didn't take time for them to link together and make it look convincing . while shooting they all looked more comfortable when with their instruments as they were used to the feel and atmosphere of being together. and have the right movement whilst playing, which has become more successful as they don't look like they are pretending and just doing it for the camera it looks realistic works without fault.

Their instruments are very simple and they work well with the track. Harry is playing guitar and also a lead singer with Gemma. Jack plays the percussion and David is on Bass Guitar.

Rough Copy

We have now begun to shoot a bit of our music video, and are carefully trying to figure out the right locations and cast, To make further progress in it. So our rough draft gives us ideas of how our final product will look, and also gives us a chance to make any changes to shots in which we want to use, any areas in which we think will need reshooting and also any additional extras such as props or additional lighting. So far our rough cut is going well and we are pleased with it we just need to feel the gaps to get an estimated final draft. The rough cut will inspire us to make our video more professional as the rough cut is just a guidline and is a way of helping us to do better. The vieod looks unprofessionally filmed, as that is the idea in what we wish to connect to the public, as they are a new group and we want to push that feeling through using our music video. we also came up with the idea of using a grainy effect which we all liked as it also looks quite ammature and a few of our shots have come out like it already and we really like it, it presents the idea of a new band through the shot types, being quite dim, and filmed in a way that it looks quite dim, we like this effect as it looks as if another member of the band have filmed it like they are practice shots, or someone has just found their tape and have presented it to the world. So this is how it connects to film Cloverfeild that i researched earlier by using the hand-held camera and found video footage.

The music video is also very jumpy and looks like alot of experimentation. At the moment we do not have a narrative to our video, it looks like a band just practicing on a normal day. so there are a gaps in a few places but we wanted to get the studio shots at first but now we were are thinking of having our just two of our band members to create the narrative. So we are using Gemma and Harry to be in young love we want to make their romance as convincing has possible to draw our audience in also to make our video look professional to make our shots look effective and powerful. Were not sure when this going to be filmed. It is difficult to especially due to weather conditions as, we want our outside shots to be light and quite sunny, and as it is the middle of december we haven't yet received one of those days. We are going to carry on filming and hopefully catch a sunny day. which is doubtful in the middle of winter.

Magazine, Adverts

Magazine adverts is for new artists that have come into the music industry. Adverts provide help in the marketing business, within every advert the goal is to maximise audience, and also more profit. To create the right magazine advert you need to adress who your target audience will be, and for my group it will be mature teenagers to adults, so i would no who to address within my advert and whose eye to catch. also i would need to no what i would include within my advert and would need to think about this very carefully and not rush into it so that the wrong message is put across, i would display a hit song that i feel would appeal to my target audience and describe so interesting facts about the group to advertise them on a maximum level an make it an easier way for the fans to connect with our artist. We need to create as much interest as possible so our album were advertising will stand out from the rest. i would also maybe advertise websites in which audiences could view to get more of an insight to the band, get to no them before they make any decisions of a purchase for example MYspace and twitter are regular sites that teenagers visit, so those sites are the ones that i would promote my advert on. Many things are done digitally nowadays and many of the our target audience have grown up in a technology century everything is increasing, making things alot easier for them to get connected and download music. A magazine advert would promote my advert widely and be seen by many viewers. it would be national and be witnessed all over the country by many different viewers, which may start to appeal to even a different type of audience and some international fans, therefore increasing our profit for our artist.

Thursday, 10 December 2009

Album Covers (Conventions)

Record Album covers are a way for artists or bands to sale their product also to sale themselves to the audience in society. album covers serve the purpose of advertising the musical contents on the LP, through the use of graphic design, photography,or illustration.They are all done in many different ways to catch to audiences eyes, and for each artist or and to have something unique about them that they can get noticed for. For example Blur use interesting photography for their album cover. A mix of light colours has been used and the graphic detail left simple. The image is inspired by the artist Andy Warhol and his famous paintings done in this technique. The animation gives the band an artistic style to them.

Has i mentioned before a use of text can also be used to create album covers. The Mystery Jets done this by using bright colours to display their band name. It make their CD stand out and because the text is also very large and the album name is very small. I would like my album cover to be similar to this only the use of text I'm not so sure about the image just yet, but since its not Mystery Jets first album their face doesn't need to be on the front to connect with the audience, and since were releasing our bands first album their identity is important to show the audience so they know who is in the band and what they look like.

This album caught my eye becuase i like the use of the graphic technique. The double image of the artist is different and you dont see it very often. It makes it very clear who the arist is and what they look like. The look is still very basic because the cover isnt over crowded and it uses just a plain background, which i want to use for my cover plain and simple but still very powerfull at the same time.